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Bourns® Model 3046 Linear Motion Potentiometer Used in the Mini Power Tool in the Hubble Telescope Repair Mission

June 2, 2009
Hubble Space Telescope, courtesy of NASA

Hubble Space Telescope, courtesy of NASA

Recently, a variety of repair functions were completed on the Hubble Telescope by NASA astronauts. Bourns is proud to have been part of this successful mission. Our Model 3046 linear motion potentiometer is used as a trigger in the Mini Power Tool. NASA mechanical engineers designed a mechanism around the potentiometer to actuate it. The housing protected the potentiometer and made a very smooth and solid-feeling trigger for control of the tool.

If any of you were watching, the second time they used the tool, it did not work. Apparently, the astronauts forgot to charge the battery. With a fresh battery, the Mini Power Tool preformed flawlessly.

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