Bourns Announces New Power Resistor Product Designed To Meet High Temperature Soldering Requirements

Bourns Power Resistor PWR263 (Download Hi-Res Image)

Bourns Power Resistor PWR263 (Download Hi-Res Image)

RIVERSIDE, Calif., April 21, 2009 — Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced the company has developed a new power resistor specifically engineered to meet high temperature soldering requirements that enable improved automated board assembly.  Designated Bourns PWR263S-20, the new power resistor features a D²PAK surface mount package, which provides an optimal solution for space-constrained designs that have lead free soldering temperature requirements.  Bourns’ new power resistor is ideal for high-volume; high power component automated assembly, and is a drop-in replacement for competitive thickfilm resistive products in D²PAK packages.  The new power resistor is designed to fit a broad range of applications that include industrial automation, telecommunication equipment, lighting controls, heating systems, battery chargers, inverter drives and general switch mode power supplies.

“Bourns has uniquely positioned its latest power resistor to give our customers a smaller application solution while facilitating board assembly by meeting high temperature soldering requirements compatible with lead free reflow conditions,” said Cathal Sheehan, product marketing manager for Bourns Resistive Products Division.  “As a pioneer in the development of thickfilm resistors, Bourns is utilizing this vast expertise in engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance for the development of the latest generation of power resistive products.”

Bourns’ PWR263S-20 power resistor features a low inductive resistive film which is ideal for high frequency circuits and provides high surge capability suitable for applications requiring resistors to discharge capacitive energy.  It also has a wide resistance range of 0.5 Ohms 1% and 5% to 130K Ohms 1% and 5% for increased stability and durability over a wide temperature range.

Specification Description
Power 20W at 25˚C
TCR 100 PPM /˚C
Thermal Resistance 6.5˚C / W
Resistance Range 0.5Ω to 130KΩ
Inductance 0.1μH
Operating Voltage √P*R
Insulation Resistance 10G Ω

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