Bourns TBU Products Win EDN 2008 Innovation Award

Bourns® TBU Devices (Download Hi-Res JPG)
Bourns® TBU Devices (Download Hi-Res JPG)

RIVERSIDE, Calif., April 15, 2009 — Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced that the company’s Transient Blocking Unit (TBU) Electronic Current Limiter circuit protection devices have won the EDN 2008 Innovation Award in the Power Semiconductors category.  Bourns TBU products were selected as the winner from a field of hundreds of entries, beating out several finalist products from leading companies.  The EDN Innovation Awards recognize technology’s most significant advancements – and the designers who invent them.  This year’s program featured 27 categories and to be eligible, nominees must have demonstrated innovation that resulted in a significant advance in technology and/or product development. 

“It is a distinct honor to be among the winners selected from an outstanding field of innovative products and technology represented by leading electronics companies,” said Dr. Erik Meijer, vice president of circuit protection at Bourns.  “We are thrilled that our peers in the industry and EDN’s editorial staff and advisory board singled out our new TBU technology as advancing the industry.” 

As the first new approach to electronics circuit protection in over a decade, Bourns’ TBU technology is designed to block a transient through a current disconnecting mechanism rather than diverting or shunting the surge to ground.  This new blocking technology virtually eliminates latency in the circuit protection design which results in advanced surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment within nanoseconds. 

“To choose the ‘Innovation of the Year’ winners, EDN readers and editors evaluated integrated circuits, EDA tools, embedded hardware and software, components and sensors, power supplies and devices, and test instruments and technologies,” stated Rick Nelson, EDN’s editor-in-chief.  “Clearly, they recognized the significance of Bourns’ Transient Blocking Unit (TBU) circuit protection devices in the Power Semiconductors category,” Nelson said, adding, “I congratulate Bourns on the great work they did in 2008.”



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