Bourns Announces Circuit Protection Products for Industrial, Test, Security and Process Control Equipment

Bourns® TBU™ Device for Industrial Applications
Bourns® TBU™ Device for Industrial Applications (Download Hi-Res JPG)

Riverside, Calif., Apr 7, 2009 Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced that the company has expanded its line of circuit protection solutions for industrial applications to include Transient Blocking Unit (TBU) devices. The TBU devices are designed for a broad range of applications including models for industrial, test, security and process control equipment. Designated Bourns C650, C850 and P40 product families, the TBU models feature extremely low energy let-thru and are resettable to provide secure protection for a varying range of power surge threats from lightning and power cross to technician error and factory floor mishaps. Bourns’ TBU devices are compatible with very high speed data buses enabling them to meet speed and bandwidth requirements for reliable power surge protection. The TBU devices also have a very small footprint and meet extremely high equipment uptime requirements in space-constrained applications such as avionics, defense and mass transit applications.

Bourns’ TBU products offer key features required for circuit protection in industrial, test, security and process control equipment applications including speed, bandwidth and resettability. The devices are compatible with faster next-generation chipsets and are resettable within microseconds to provide immediate recovery in critical operations. The TBU devices meet application needs for linearity and high frequency applications to match the demands of high data rate equipment designs.

“Highly dependable circuit protection has been a mainstay for telecommunications applications and it is quickly becoming as equally important for a broad range of industrial and process control applications,” said Dr. Erik Meijer, vice president of circuit protection at Bourns. “Application trends are migrating toward more sensitive electronics with increased demand for improved equipment and process uptime and faster data rates are leading more designers to rethink their circuit protection solutions. Bourns’ TBU devices were designed to meet diverse OEM application requirements for reliable circuit protection under a wide variety of power surge conditions.”

As the only new approach to electronics circuit protection in over a decade, Bourns’ new TBU devices are optimized for 24/7 deployments where circuit protection needs to be immediate to maintain optimal operating functions. Bourns’ TBU technology is designed to immediately block a transient through a current disconnecting mechanism, offering superior protection. TBU technology completely eliminates latency in the circuit protection design, resulting in a fundamentally new and advanced surge protection for sensitive non-telecom applications.



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