What’s Next in the New World of Bourns?

Bourns Transient Blocking Units (TBU™)

Check out our latest New World campaign at www.edn.com and www.electronicdesign.com.

The acquisition of Fultec provided Bourns with a revolutionary new circuit protection product. The new product is the first “new technology” device released in over a decade.

The Transient Blocking Unit (TBU™) Electronic Current Limiter blocks transients including those from lightning, power induction, power cross, Earth Potential Rise (EPR) or other energy surge conditions. Our latest white paper addresses specific overcurrent and overvoltage faults, and demonstrates how TBU devices can provide an optimal application solution for circuit protection against these events.

If you missed the campaign kick-off, you may visit our TBU campaign landing page or simply download the TBU white paper here.



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